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If you subscribe to the 2TB / $10-per month (or higher) Google One plan, then you get a little something extra over those who do not: Access to Google’s mobile VPN. This feature has, until now, been limited to customers in the US, but now Google is letting a far greater number of countries get their hands on the goodies. As of today, the Google One VPN is available to Android users in Mexico, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

VPN by Google One is designed to encrypt all of your mobile traffic when you’re out and about to prevent sniffers from getting access to your personal data. The VPN itself is baked into the Google One app, and the company says it will encrypt and protect you no matter what app you’re using. Plus, if you’re unsure how exactly to get connected, you can schedule a Session for an expert to coach you through the basics.

At the same time, Google is reminding folks that the VPN has seen a number of feature upgrades since its launch, including the ability to block internet traffic when the VPN is inactive. You can also bypass the VPN in specific situations or with specific mobile apps, and set timed controls for when you need to be free from its protective embrace. Google added that the VPN has been independently audited and found to be robust enough for most folks to trust it. 

Source: Google’s One Plan VPN is now available outside the US | Engadget