Providing Dedicated Dental IT Services to Naperville and All Chicago Suburbs. Frequently our team has proven the resolution time to fix any IT related issues the same day.

We are proud to be delivering the best Dental IT Support for your Practice. Thus, we offer FREE Pickup and Drop Off for your Intraoral Camera repairs and your Digital Xray Sensor repairs.

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Free Consultation, No Obligation for your Dental IT Support. 

Midwest Info System helps to protect and maintain the growing IT Infrastructure for your Practice. Accordingly providing a smart approach to manage and support your Practice IT essentials. We also offer Pickup, Repair and Drop Off for your Intraoral Camera and Digital Xray Sensors. 


Ultimately, Midwest Info System, offers The best Dental IT Support for your practice in Naperville and Chicago Suburbs. 

Software Installation & Maintenance

From installation to the integration of your system, our experts, support you from start to finish. Presently, our Dedicated Dental IT Services not only helps you to resolve the issue, but also optimizes your device for improve stability.

Dedicated Dental IT Support

We have been working with most vendors to resolve and maintain your Dental Practice Management and Dental Imaging software. From scheduling issues, inability to find patient records or xray images and even slowness of your computers and network, Our Dental IT Support team is ready to assist.

Intraoral Camera and Digital Xray Sensor Support

Midwest Info System provides maintenance and repairs for your Digital Sensors and Cameras. Additionally, we offer FREE Pick-Up and Drop-Off for your damaged digital xray sensors and intraoral cameras. You can find the full list below by Clicking Show More.

Remote Monitoring and IT Maintenance

As part of our Dental IT Services, we provide Remote Monitoring and IT Maintenance. This shows us a view into the health and status of your IT infrastructure. Subsequently, We will receive immediate notifications of Critical Errors and Warnings whenever they occur.

Providing Dedicated Dental IT Support for your Practice.

Dental Practice Management Software and Image Management.

Dedicated Dental IT Support
Digital Xray Sensor Repair
Dental IT Support
Dental IT Services

Midwest Info System will Pickup, Repair and Drop Off

for your Intraoral Camera and Digital Xray Sensors.

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AcuCam Concept

Air Techniques

Digital Xray Sensor Repair

Digital Doc

How our service helps you?

Midwest Info System can help you as we have helped other Dental offices, to protect and maintain your growing IT Infrastructure. Naturally our dedicated support team is just one call away. Primarily, You can use our ticket portal to open an incident report from any web browser or call us to report any IT issues. We will assist you in installing, configuring and maintaining your software, hardware and your IT peripherals . We also provide Digital Xray Sensor repair and Intraoral Camera repairs. After all It’s time to take care of the unique IT challenges, for your uniquely configured practice. 

Dedicated and expert team ready to help you 24/7.

Get support & services at a very reasonable price.

Guarantees the privacy of our clients. "HIPAA" compliant.

Offer smart solutions to your IT needs.

We are licensed and certified.

Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Elevate your Practice productivity with our powerful IT solutions and support.

Midwest Info System offers a wide variety of IT solutions and support for leading Dental Applications such as Carestream, Dentrix, Eagle Soft, Cliniview, Invivo, etc. We can help you install, configure, integrate your Dental practice applications which leads the way to your ideal IT infrastructure. Work with us and let us resolve your IT-related issues so that you can deliver outstanding patient care.

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Managed IT Support
Midwest Info System

AccentDentrix DDO, ImageCamImageRayi Hub
Accent USB HubDEXcam 3Insight 20/20, Imaging
AcclaimDEXcam 595Integra ViperCam
Acteon SopixDexis 601 ClassicKodak 1000, 1500
AcuCam 401Dexis PlatinumKodak 5100
AcuCam Concept IIIDexis USB cardKodak 6000
AcuCam Concept IVDigital DocKodak 6100
AcuCam PlusDigital Doc IconOpti Plus
AcuCam PoloDigital Doc IrisOwandi
Air Techniques PolarisDMD TeliCam II, ElitePlanmeca
Air Techniques VistaCamDoc Port MacroQuick Ray
AirTechniquesEasy DocSchick CDR
Belmont BelSensorEasyCam AutoSchick CDR Hub remote
CamrexEasyCam IISchick CDR, Sirona
CamSight OptumEvaSirona
Carestream CS 1500Gendex eHDSopro 595, 617, 717
Carestream CS 1600Gendex eZ1Suni
Claris i310Gendex GXC-300Suni USB Hub
ClioGendex GXS 700Suni, Lightyear
Cygnus Stylus 1500HamamatsuSuniRay
CygnusRay MPSHDR SensorTrophy RVG
Dentamerica DigirexImage RayiVatech EZ Sensor
DentiMaxImageCam 2.0XDR